The learnings I took from one of my favorite fantasy movies

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Nothing is what it seems in Middle-Earth. One day you can almost enjoy a full hour of undisturbed sleep, another day you run away from orcs as fast as you can. As my fingertips begin to type, I know that writing can be an adrenaline-filled adventure as well. A process where creativity can flow in rivers and other days its ghosts can hunt you.

The Hobbit is one of my favorite fantasy movies. The incredible world-building is a great source of inspiration and I think it offers writers many learnings that can help them in their daily writing process. As…

A wrap-up of my reading list for the last year

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Last year's reading was not the best for me. Even so, by reading a small number of books, I've still learned many lessons along the way and traveled into new worlds. I've met new authors that I'd ended up loving and had a few reading loves at first sight. So here are my book recommendations and I'll also share my favorite quote for each of them.


How to sharpen your writing and write better day by day

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Words can empower stories and bring a wave of emotions. Words can fuel conversations and tie a strong connection with people. But writing, as many of us writers know very well, it's not easy. It has to reach people at the right time, at the right moment, and it needs more than words.

Whether you are an experienced writer or at the beginning of this exciting journey, I hope these tips will help you write better. These are something I've learned over the years and still trying to sharpen with every piece of content at the tip of my fingers.

Use short sentences. Write with simple words

The stories I discovered in books changed me as a person. Here’s why I think books make us more human

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Reading turned into one of my favorite activities over the years and the stories I discovered in some of them changed me as a person. Here's why I think books make us more human.

Books make us understand ourselves

I think that most personal experiences help us develop as individuals and learn from mistakes. Life experiences of every kind are necessary: they grow us. But besides them, books can have a huge impact on our mind and soul. Research published by The English Journal says that ‘We may hypothesize that the impact of reading is determined by the situation in which the reading is done…

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