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  • Ruxandra Maria

    Ruxandra Maria

    Marketer by profession. Seeking to become a better person each day. Looking to inspire others to come on this journey of becoming our best selves.

  • Jean Helie

    Jean Helie

  • Coy Chambers

    Coy Chambers

    Educator. Bean Counter. Amateur Investor. Professional Sleeper.

  • Vipula Gupta

    Vipula Gupta

    California based culture blogger, obsessive & compulsive reader, globetrotter. Day job in technology. Writes at https://shadesofwords.com/!

  • Tobias Macha

    Tobias Macha

    High on Life. Self-help junkie. Music-lover. Momentum-seeker. Love being the dumbest in the room. Motto: Smile. Live. Create.

  • Stella Monet

    Stella Monet

    I write dirty sweet romance books.

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